Michael Gubanov

Cloud Technology Endowed Assistant Professor
News: Congratulations to Sean and other co-authors on their WWW Profiles 2018 paper!
            ACM SIGMOD Research Highlight Award! (expected)
            IEEE ICDE 2017 award paper invited to publication in special issue of ACM SIGMOD Record for the "2017 ACM SIGMOD Research Highlights"
            4 papers accepted to IEEE Big Data 2017, congratulations everyone!
            IEEE ICDE 2017 award paper invited to publication in "Best of ICDE" issue of TKDE 2018
            IEEE ICDE 2017 Best Paper Award!
            You can watch my talk at M.I.T. on Hybrid here and read here
            Congratulations to Manju on her defense!
            Congratulations to Manju and Maxim on their WWW 2017 paper!
            IEEE Sensors 2016 Best Paper Award!
Note: I am offering a course on modern Big data management and analytics in Fall 2017.
Student teams with awards - Team1, Team2, Team3.
University of Texas at San Antonio
Computer Science Department

NPB 3.212
1 UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249
mikhail.gubanov at utsa.edu


I am an Assistant (Endowed) Professor of Databaseology at University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA). I specialize in Large-scale data management (Big data), Cloud Computing, and Web search. My Erdös number is 3.

Earlier I was a Postdoc at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) with Michael Stonebraker. I earned my PhD and MSc in Computer Science from the University of Washington and completed my undergraduate education at St. Petersburg ITMO University (ACM-ICPC World Champions 7 times). Before that I graduated from Presidential Physics/Mathematics Lyceum #239.

Before MIT I was working at IBM Almaden Research Center on Data Integration (project Clio, productized as a part of IBM Infosphere); at Google on Web-search and Large-scale Machine Learning (productized as parts of SETI and Froogle); at Microsoft Research on Natural Language Processing (productized as a part of Bing).

Selected Publications

  1. CognitiveDB: An Intelligent Navigator for Large-scale Dark Structured Data  [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, Manju Priya, Maxim Podkorytov, in WWW 2017, Perth, Australia
  2. PolyFuse: A Large-scale Hybrid Data Integration System  [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, in IEEE ICDE DESWEb 2017, San Diego, CA
  3. Generating UFOs from the Classified Object Tables  [pdf]
    Anusha Kola, Harshal More, Sean Soderman, Michael Gubanov, in IEEE Bigdata 2017, Boston, MA
  4. Hybrid.poly: An Interactive Large-scale In-memory Analytical Polystore  [pdf]
    Maxim Podkorytov, Dylan Soderman, Michael Gubanov, in ICDM DSBDA 2017, New Orleans, LA
  5. Hybrid: A Large-scale Linear-Relational Database Management System  [bib] [pdf][video]
    Michael Gubanov, Christopher Jermaine, Zekai Gao, Shangyu Luo, MIT Annual Database Research Conference 2016, Cambridge, MA
  6. Type-aware Web search  [bib] [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, Anna Pyayt , in EDBT 2016, Bordeaux, France
  7. DataXFormer: Leveraging the Web for Semantic Transformations  [bib] [pdf]
    Zia Abedjan, John Morcos, Michael Gubanov, Ihab Ilyas, Michael Stonebraker, Paolo Papotti, Mourad Ouzanni, in CIDR 2015, Asilomar, California
  8. Large-scale Semantic Profile Extraction  [bib] [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, Michael Stonebraker EDBT 2014, Athens, Greece
  9. Text and Structured Data Fusion in DataTamer at Scale  [bib] [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, Michael Stonebraker, Daniel Bruckner, IEEE ICDE 2014, Chicago, Illinois
  10. ReadFast: High-relevance Search-engine for Big Text [bib] [pdf]
    Michael Gubanov, Anna Pyayt. ACM CIKM 2013, San Francisco, California
  11. IBM UFO Repository: Object-oriented Data Integration [bib] [pdf] [book]
    Michael Gubanov, Lucian Popa, Howard Ho, Hamid Pirahesh, Jeng-Yih Chang, Shr-Chang Chen. VLDB 2009, Lyon, France
Students (who are fantabulous)
  1. Anusha Kola
  2. Maxim Podkorytov
  3. Dylan Soderman?
  4. Sean Soderman
  5. Michael Geyer